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Hardex Super Glue – Special Industry Grade

Hardex Super Glue – Special Industry Grade
Product Code: Hardex Super Glue – Special Industry Grade
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Hardex Super Glue – Special Industry Grade  Hardex Special Industry Grade  Cyanoacrylate are specially formulated for industry applications, including  high performance surface insensitive and rubber toughness.    <strong>Grade:</strong>   6401 :  Surface insensitive, quick setting time &amp; medium viscosity (100cps) bonds  acidic &amp; porous substrates or under low humidity conditions, including wood  /cardboard / leather / rubber / woven fabric / PVC.      6406 : Surface insensitive ultra fast setting  time &amp; low viscosity (20cps) bonds acidic substrate under low humidity  conditions, including plastic and rubber. For PE / PP / Silicone / ABS / TPR /  EPDM&#39;S adhesion, both surfaces should be treated with HARDEX primer in advance,  then apply 6406.      6416 : Medium setting time &amp; high viscosity  (1,500 cps) for plastic / rubber / metal, can be cured better with HARDEX  accelerator.      6420 : Quick setting time &amp; low viscosity  (2-3cps) for plastic / rubber / metal.      6454 : Surface insensitive thixotropic gel  (75,000cps) for plastic / rubber / metal / wood / woven fabric, can be applied  on vertical &amp; porous surfaces, will not migrate &amp; can be cured better  with HARDEX&#39;s accelerator.    6460 : Low whitening, medium setting time &amp; low viscosity (2-3cps)      6480 : Rubber toughness, black color, medium  setting time &amp; medium viscosity (300 cps) for high temperature &amp; impact  resistance.      6495 : Medium setting time &amp; viscosity  (50cps) for plastic / rubber / metal.

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